What is a vacation rental?

Vacation rentals are freestanding, attached or guest houses, villas, cottages, apartments, condos, and timeshares offered for short term occupancy.

They are largely unregulated. Some rental properties are just one in a large portfolio handled and managed by a leasing company. Other vacation rentals are cared for and rented out by, the owner.

Is it possible to apply for a property that I haven’t viewed?

We prefer for all applicants to either see the property in person or send a trusted 3rd party to view on their behalf.

We understand that you may not have time to view the property. In this case, you could arrange for a friend or family member to view the property on your behalf.

It’s important to see the property instead of only looking at the photos. The photos serve as an approximate representation. Applicants should check whether the property matches their expectations and needs.

How can I visit a property?

Call the number on the listing directly or request the booking through view booking form.

After receiving a request, we’ll quickly organize a property viewing. Our goal is to make sure you’ll find your dream home.

Please note that we are required to provide current tenants at occupied properties at least 24 hours’ notice prior to scheduled showings.

What is your security deposit policy?

Security deposit equals to one month rent and may vary based on credit. You need to pay the full amount before moving in.

Do I need renters insurance?

Yes, all the tenants need to have renters insurance before moving in.

You have to show a renters’ insurance confirmation before getting the keys.

When do you increase the rent?

Rent increases usually happen after the lease term expiration.

Of course, it isn’t always increased. Our analysis accounts for the property owner’s requests and relevant market conditions.

What happens if I can’t pay the rent on time?

Any problems that may affect the potential payment of rent should be notified to the relevant office straight away. You may be charged a fee for late payment of rent.

Can I change the locks?

No, installing new locks on your own would violate the lease agreement terms. It’s possible to install a new lock upon request and approval; this may be a tenant charge depending on the situation.

Can I decorate or make changes to the property?

In most cases, a tenant can only decorate or make changes to the property with the express permission of the landlord. We recommend receiving this permission in writing.

What’s the pet policy?

The pet policy depends on the terms in each specific lease agreement. You must notify our team of any pets before move-in.

When you already have a pet and you want to add an extra one, please call our office first. We will process every request separately depending on the lease terms.

What if I accidentally cause damage to the property?

Don’t worry – accidents happen. Tell whoever is responsible for the property maintenance as soon as possible. You will be expected to cover the cost of putting it right.

Don’t try to ignore or hide damage because it could get worse, and it will only come out of your deposit at the end of the tenancy.